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Creators can now monetize DJ mixes via Apple Music

New developments have been made to Shazam’s technology.

Apple Music has announced the creation of new technology, allowing for producers to claim royalties from tracks played in DJ mixes. The advances will ‘allow Apple Music to properly identify and compensate all of the individual creators involved in making a particular DJ Mix—including any artists behind the music in the mix’ according to the company.

Seeking for individual track titles, skipping over to certain points in a mix, lossless audio, and offline listening will all be added to the plattform as well. Mixmag, Boiler Room, and other companies are currently working with Apple Music to bring mixes to the streaming service.

!K7’s ‘DJ-Kicks’ series is also partnering with the platform to go back into its archive and bring mixes to Apple Music. ‘This is a big moment for !K7. Through the partnership with Apple, we finally have a place to celebrate DJ-Kicks with additional 14 editions which haven’t been in the market for over 15 years.’ said Horst Weidenmueller, founder of !K7.

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