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Crosstown Rebels Celebrates Its 200th Release With Arthur Baker And Rockers Revenge

Crosstown Rebels celebrates its 200th release with Arthur Baker and Rockers Revenge

They will be reuniting after a thirty-year break.

The label run by Damian Lazarus, Crosstown Rebels, is about to release its 200th release. For the special occassion, they have invited American DJ and producer Arthur Baker to work again with Rockers Revenge.

Created in 1982, Rockers Revenge was the brainchild of Arthur Baker and Donnie Calvin. Donnie provided lead vocals with Baker’s wife, Tina B, Dwight Hawkes and Adrienne Dupree Johnson on backing vocals. Their most prominent track, ‘Walking On Sunshine’, was a post-disco hit reaching #1 in the US dance charts and #4 in the UK charts.

“To be able to reconnect and rekindle the special collaborative connection I had with rockers revenge after a 30-year hiatus has been a incredibly inspiring experience. The song conveys that peace and love can still be obtained through music”, Baker commented.

The full EP contains six tracks including four remixes, two of Kompakt’s main man Michael Mayer and two of NYC Deep Space’s ambassador, Francois K.

Listen to the original version of ‘On A Mission’ below. The release will be out June 8th.


01. On A Mission
02. On A Mission (Instrumental)
03. On A Mission (FK 12” Mix)
04. On A Mission (FK Rockers Dub)
05. On A Mission (Michael Mayer Remix)
06. On A Mission (Michael Mayer Instrumental)

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