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Cygnotic Releases New LP ‘Cygns’

Cygnotic releases new LP ‘Cygns’

Featuring his “timeless epic electronica”.

Markus Lindwurm better known as Cygnotic has released his latest album entitled ‘Cygns’.

The 9-track LP shows a more mature facet of the artist and is shaped by epic sound fields, pulsating basslines and sparkling sequencers just sublimated by hymn-like golden leads – his signature sound.

Taking as a reference music maestros such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and Vangelis, the Cygnotic project captures and extends the timeless epic moods of the golden analog synth-era in a modern mixed-up style to an uplifted creation for the next platinum electronic millennium.

The influences of diverse electronic styles like origin synthesizer music, progressive trance, EDM, future pop as well as electronic wave, new retro wave, and synth-wave are combined in a synthesized self-contained melange of sounds. With the presence of contemporary beats and sequencer lines, the melodic and often melancholic elements evolve in harmonic resonance with the electronic listener.

His latest work follows ‘Through The Gates Of Nocturnal Sleep’, originally released in 2010.

Listen to ‘Cygns’ here and grab your copy here.


1. Cygns
2. Second Cygn
3. Iridium Dawn
4. Dreaming In Reverse
5. Cylight
6. Replicant Logic
7. Great Plains Of Aetherium
8. Electronic Devotion
9. Dark Lights Of Laniakea

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