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Damian Lazarus Relaunches His Album ‘Smoke The Monster Out’

Damian Lazarus relaunches his album ‘Smoke The Monster Out’

10 years from its original release the Crosstown Rebels boss prepares new related releases.

Damian Lazarus just announced a remastered and expanded edition of his debut album ‘Smoke The Monster Out’. Before presenting this special edition, he will publish the EP ‘Moment In The Dark’, a material that presents two of the original tracks of the mentioned LP –‘Moment’ and ‘Diamond In The Dark’– including new remixes by Adam Port, Tibi Dabo and Satori.

‘Smoke The Monster Out’, released in 2009, was a milestone in Damian’s career. Although it was the result of his first approach to production and composition, he received critical acclaim from some of the most respected publications on the scene at that time. For its part, the EP ‘Moment In The Dark’ is the ideal prelude to the relaunch of the album.

“A decade ago I released my debut solo album on the label Get Physical. It was the first time I’d let myself loose in the studio and what came out was a psychedelic collection of extremely strange and bizarre songs. I wanted to make an album full of my inspirations and influences, for exotic after parties, and with no consideration about necessarily getting played in the clubs… Here we are ten years on. I’m pleased to report that ‘Smoke The Monster Out’ is still as weird as it ever was. Still genre proof. Still an ‘album’ in an era of tracks and playlists. Now forthcoming on Crosstown Rebels, remastered and with three bonus tracks from the original studio sessions, it’s ready to confuse everyone all over again!”, he added.

‘Smoke The Monster Out’ will be out September 27th, while ‘Moment In The Dark’ will be published  August 30th via Crosstown Rebels. Pre-order here.

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