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‘Dance 2 Sustain’, the ecological proposal by Secretsundaze

The brand expects these actions to be replicated throughout the dance scene.

During this spring, Secretsundaze will launch a sustainability initiative called ‘Dance 2 Sustain’. To make this possible, its representatives James Priestley and Giles Smith are making some changes to their events, including the ban on single-use plastics and red meat. In addition, they have replaced a lot of air travel when possible with the use of trains and other ecological means of transport.

In support of the initiative, the taxi company Green Tomato Cars, through Clean Scene, has begun charging a “green tax” of £ 1 on tickets, with the proceeds being donated to Dance 2 Sustain; while the remaining funds will be allocated to the Possible climate action group.

“It has become impossible not to stand up and take action against this urgent climate crisis (…) Working in several places entails its own set of challenges, but hopefully, in the near future some of the methods we promote become a standard across the industry.” says James Priestley, co-founder of the label & brand.

Three Secretsundaze events are coming up in London and one in Barcelona, ​​during the Off Week. Check out the dates below.

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