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Danny Howells Delivers A Timeless Masterpiece

Danny Howells delivers a timeless masterpiece

The DJ debuts on the EGLO series.

Standing out in these days is not always easy. But this is exactly what Danny Howells has accomplished with his latest entry for the Electronic Groove ‘LO’ series. Proving exactly why he’s a DJs DJ, the English maverick delivers an unrivaled aural experience.

Setting sails with a blissful intro, EGLO.035 takes the listener by the hand into the promised land. A beautiful place, woven by a luxurious plethora of sounds, where the groove flows in abundance. Seamless transitions tread paths into darker, pulsating beats, neon synth lines, and sublime vocal licks. The diversity in the selection of tracks and finesse in the mix is something to behold throughout the whole journey, as Danny blazes through styles and genres with unparalleled distinction.

In Danny’s own words he explains – “I wanted to do something a bit different with this one, delving into tracks that I couldn’t normally play out and making something that’s maybe more for headphones and late nights. I also wanted to capture a certain vibe on it that I hope comes across to the listeners.”

Clocking in at 80 minutes, the DJ and producer crafts a true work of art, featuring clear blue skies, intertwining vocal motifs, entrancing percussion lines, and some epic low end.

Listen to the mix below.

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