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Danny Howells returns to Argentina

A double date with the beloved British entertainer.

DJ, producer & animal rights advocate Danny Howells is on his way back to Argentina for a three-weekend tour which kicks off with two dates this August 19th and 20th in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, respectively.

The first weekend will commence with Howells taking over the decks at Club Morocco, in Costa Salguero, for the 2GTHR crew on Friday, August 19th, with Anhauser providing further support.

On August, Saturday 20th, Howells will be Cordoba-bound for his presentation at the Palacio Alsina, courtesy of Buenas Noches Producciones and Dahaus!, with Sudbeat stalwarts Soundexile opening the night.

“It’s so common for DJs to say that Argentina is the best place in the world to play, but it’s only because it’s true. In all the years I’ve been coming I’ve never failed to be inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the crowds. These same crowds really push me and the other DJs who come to try and improve every single time. This will be my first proper tour in 2.5 years so to say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m sure these gigs will be the highlight of my year and I hope those who attend enjoy them too!” said Howells to EG about his upcoming presentations.

You can find your tickets for Danny Howells in Buenos Aires here, and Cordoba here.

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