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Darius Syrossian cancels US show due to government’s travel ban

Another strike for foreign artists performing in the United States.

Daryus Syrossian has been forced to cancel his upcoming show to take place at San Francisco’s Halcyon club due to Donald Trump’s latest restriction to seven Middle East countries.

The Iran-born artist is a United Kingdom citizen, but he can’t guarantee that he’ll be allowed to enter the United States.  He commented about the issue, “Although I am a British Citizen, passport holder, and the holder of a US work permit, I was born in Tehran. Due to the current changing rules surrounding entry allowances, my travel may be subject to serious problems when I arrive in the USA. As such I cannot commit to any bookings in America during this time.”

Canadian DJ and Producer Carlo Lio will replace him alongside Nathan Barato at the Do Not Sleep US debut on February 18th.

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