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Darren Emerson teases new album with debut single ‘BUB’

New times ahead for the British music icon.

Darren Emerson has been an electronic pioneer for the last 30 years. Now he prepares for the launch of his new quarterly compilation and party series, ‘EVOLVE’.

On every edition, the Underworld originator will be taking an introspective look at his musical legacy, showcasing original cutting-edge productions, plus special collaborations with Emerson’s industry friends, along with selected releases from his favorite producers.

The album’s opening track ‘BUB’ was included on Selador’s latest release, featuring what their fans can expect throughout his musical series.

Also, a special event is planned every 3 months to celebrate the launch of every compilation.

‘EVOLVE 01’ will be out September 28th. Listen to ‘BUB’ below and grab your copy here.


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