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Davide Squillace: “I try to amuse myself and keep that spark alive”

Davide Squillace could easily be one of the busiest artists in the circuit. With the passing of each year, he keeps developing and expanding into new ventures.  Label owner at ‘This and That’ and constant part of Circoloco’s gatherings we were lucky to find some time to talk to him.

Electronic Groove: Hi Davide, thanks for chatting with us. So the summer has just come to an end. How was it for you?

Davide Squillace: I’ve been lucky enough to have a great summer. Between shows I’ve been spending quality time with the family, on and off in Ibiza and mostly around Europe.

Electronic Groove: Any special highlight worth mentioning?

Davide Squillace: Well as always DC10 has been unreal! It gets better and better every year. Carl Cox’s final show at Space was also incredible, and a great finale to his 12 year residency on the island.

Electronic Groove: You’ve been one of the main Circoloco residents during the last 9 years. What makes this franchise so special?

Davide Squillace: It’s a family business and you are treated as such. Any artist that comes to play gets welcomed into our home. Italians are famous for being good hosts. What makes a Circoloco party an unforgettable experience is mainly the loss of social boundaries. You are no-one and someone all at the same time when you are in the the club. You are the best version of yourself.

Electronic Groove: Circoloco is touring the United States in the coming days. What can we expect from the crew for these special events?

Davide Squillace: Yes, we will do Los Angeles and New York. NYC is sure to be a good one, the city has always been a mecca for new music and sounds. LA has always been a bit more hip hop-orientated so it will be more of a challenge.

Electronic Groove: Are you currently working on new productions?

Davide Squillace: Yes actually, I’m working on a range of different things. I´m working on my club album at the moment, which is due to be released in 2017. It will be the first volume of a trilogy. I am also working on the blts album with the band which will probably come to life at the end of next year.

Electronic Groove: Your label ‘This and That’ has been very active with a few recent releases. Are there any new ones in the horizon?

Davide Squillace: We actually wish we were more active! But it’s not easy to release quality music, respect a concept and have a speedy process at the same time.

We do have a lot of great music coming out soon, as well as a new idea for the cover series (we change the cover concept every 10 releases), and a new collaboration from Butch and I. There’s remix package of Re.You and Florian Busse originals with remixes from myself and Matthias Tanzmann. There’s a huge EP from Upercent and AFFKT that includes a crazy remix by De La Calle, Astin and his groove, Basti Grub‘s new project, Nandu (an amazing producer from Denmark), and Florian Busse’s solo EP. There are also a lot of amazing single tracks waiting for their soul mate to finalize some projects.

Electronic Groove: You have been involved with fashion and other experimental music projects. Where does the inspiration to explore into new ventures and territories come from? Is this something that’s goes back to your youth?

Davide Squillace: Honestly, its mostly me just trying to fulfill that creative itch I get. I try to amuse myself and keep that spark alive. Trying to put your brain and ideas to work in other fields.

Electronic Groove: How was the ADE gig alongside Flying Circus and their 10 years celebrations?

Davide Squillace: We had amazing production and a great host – we even had a 1 star michelin food truck! It was my first b2b with Cassy, something we definitely have to repeat again soon. The music was great from the first minute. Martin and Guti’s back-to-back was the cherry on top of the cake. The weather was not on our side that day though. Next time we plan on giving out some umbrellas at the door.



Electronic Groove: How does Davide Squillace spends his “leisure” time?

Davide Squillace: I´m very lucky that I enjoy my “job”, so I do consider being in the studio as leisure time. But in the more classic definition of the word, I spend it between being geeky online and spending time with my daughter. It seems that there´s never enough time for everything.

Electronic Groove: What’s up for the rest of the year?

Davide Squillace: Mainly being in the studio finishing the 2 albums, and a long South America tour in December that I’m looking forward to.

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