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All Day I Dream – Art Basel Edition

It’s become quite obvious that All Day I Dream has grown to be a cultural electronic music phenomenon that is relished by so many across the globe. Once a party that primarily played host to Burners, ADID has transformed into a transcendental movement that sells out every time. There is a reason for it, and there’s something to be said about ADID’s massive cult following and the intense desire to participate.

Since 1970, Art Basel’s goal has been to connect the world’s premier galleries and their patrons, as well serving as a meeting point for the international artworld. Now, over forty years later, Miami has become the epicenter for the most unique art gathering of our times.

Infusing art with music has become an important element of the Art Basel experience. This year music and art aficionados alike will see All Day I Dream bring their world renowned artistic musical expression to the artistic gathering. Lee Burridge & friends will mystically paint magic with their music, hypnotically taking us on a journey to unknown lands of self discovery and love. One can only succumb to the reverie of that which is ADID.

Dreamers unite in a community of beautiful passionate, like minded creative hearts who smile without a care as the sun dissolves into the night. A special secret island location has been lovingly selected for the New York institution’s Art Basel debut. Escape to this dreamy destination for an afternoon of lush music and unforgettable human connection.

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