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Debut album ‘The Golden Age Of Love’ by Younger Than Me released

Now available through 90’s Wax label.

Photo credit: Younger Than Me – Facebook

Italian artist Younger Than Me, also known as Francesco Mingrino, has released his debut album, ‘The Golden Age Of Love’. The album is now available through 90’s Wax and showcases the artist’s versatile style, merging progressive house, trance, EBM, breakbeat, and techno.

‘The Golden Age Of Love’ is a tribute to rave culture. The album opens with ‘Long Life Death,’ a track that sets a cinematic tone reminiscent of a classic Carpenter piece. The mood changes with ‘Zarathustra Dance,’ a cut featuring a complex lead line and escalating tension.

Standout tracks on the album include ‘Eternal Sunshine Of Solitary Mind,’ a collaboration with Massimiliano Pagliara, featuring a captivating lead with a tight arpeggio and sequenced acid. The album also showcases collaborations with Brame & Hamo and Pablo Bozzi, each adding their unique styles.

In ‘Memory Is A Clock,’ Younger Than Me demonstrates his readiness to explore new territories. He modifies the rhythm, transitioning to breakbeat while maintaining a potent bassline and leading with introspective melodies and arpeggios.

The album concludes with ‘Music Will Never Stop, Heartbeat Will Never Fade, Party Will Never End,’ encapsulating the enduring influence of rave culture on music. In addition to the main tracks, the album contains four digital bonus tracks.

Listen to ‘The Golden Age Of Love’ below and secure your copy here.

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