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‘Defected presents House Masters’ compiled by Harry Romero

A 30-year musical journey.

Harry Romero and Defected have come together to unveil the ‘Defected presents House Masters – Harry Romero’ compilation. The new record will be available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms on February 3rd, 2023.

A monumental collection of 30 tracks from Romero’s expansive career, ‘Defected presents House Masters – Harry Romero’ is an eclectic and essential collection for any fans of the house genre.

“It’s been a 30-year love affair with this music and culture. House music has been really good to me and to see this track list and know that I’ve contributed and brought joy and happiness to so many just warms my heart. This tracklist represents so much hard work and so many sleepless nights but most importantly it’s my art and I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far. I hope you all enjoy the music and the journey as much as I have,” says Harry Romero about the new drop.

The compilation celebrates the artist’s solo releases, as well as his high-profile collaborations, including works with vocalists such as Inaya Day, Cece Rogers, and Jocelyn Brown; while also featuring exclusive remixes of classic house tracks and fresh takes on more recent releases.

‘Defected presents House Masters – Harry Romero’ will be out on February 3rd. Pre-order your copy here.

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