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Defected’s new Afrocentric music label debuts with Alex Wann’s ‘Peperuke’

The imprint will feature genre notable artists like AMÉMÉ, Flush, Da Africa Deep, Fka Mash, Biishop, Melé, and others.

Photo credit: Alex Wann – Official

Defected has introduced its newest project, a label named ‘One People.’ The debut single of the label, ‘Peperuke’ by Alex Wann, featuring Nes Mburu, is now available.

One People is a global acknowledgment of Afrocentric music, striving to unite international talents. The label will showcase the captivating rhythms of afro-house, afro-tech, and melodic house music, honoring the rhythmic beauty of Africa. It boasts a line-up of some of the genre’s luminaries like AMÉMÉ, Flush, Da Africa Deep, Fka Mash, Biishop, Melé, and others.

‘Peperuke’ by Alex Wann encapsulates what One People represents. It highlights unique narratives and creative talents. The single has already received positive reviews from industry figures, including Kelis and Keinemusik.

One People’s leader, Allan Nicoll, Defected’s Director of A&R and head of Stay True Sounds, reflects on his journey. He remarked, “Afro-house has always been significant in the music industry throughout my twenty-year career. From my time at Soul Candi to supporting emerging talent on my independent label, Stay True Sounds, I’ve consistently helped shape the genre’s future. Now, partnering with Defected to initiate a label provides me an even broader global platform. Through One People, I’m eager to showcase the genre’s diverse and vibrant offerings to audiences worldwide.”

Listen to Alex Wann’s ‘Peperuke,’ featuring Nes Mburu, below and download your copy here.

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