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Deisen – Lotus

German-born and New York-based DJ and producer Deisen releases his latest work ‘Lotus,’ a three-track EP containing emotional blends of electronica, deep house and downtempo productions.

Despite its lower pace, ‘Graduated’ packs a lot of energy with a driving arpeggiated lead synth, punchy bass drum and crisp sounding percussion loops that hold a constant groove to back the pushing melodies in the song.

‘Ekstase’ features a more straightforward deep house production with a catchy bassline and complex melodies. Heavenly flutes and terrestrial samples sustain a long and inspiring breakdown towards the end of the track, while Deisen’s signature percussion and drum arrangements carry on a comfortable groove throughout.

Rounding things up with a more experimental electronica production is ‘Law Of The Lotus’, which dives into deeper grounds presenting darker synths and effects while nicely contrasting the  sound palette with tribal, organic-sounding drums.

Deisen’s ‘Lotus’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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