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Dekmantel Announces Tom Trago’s Latest Album

Dekmantel announces Tom Trago’s latest album

“The artist at his very finest, returning to his roots with a focussed, and dedicated production ethos”.

Tom Trago has been linked to Dekmantel during the last 10 years. Now the Dutch musician is about to release his latest album on the label.

The ten-track LP is entitled ‘Bergen’ and follows 2013’s ‘The Light Fanstastic’. The title is to honor the town where his family resides and where is located his currently studio after moving from Amsterdam a while ago.

The album looks to “re-create a global-music sound, along with the music that has influenced him throughout his life, with a new approach influenced by Trago’s immediate natural environment.”

‘Bergen’ will go on sale next April 2nd on Dekmantel.

Listen to the snippets below.

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