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Dekmantel releases Makam Sampler EP

Netherlands collective Dekmantel are rubbing their hands together gleefully for the longtime family member Makam full-length album to be released later this year.

In September Makam will drop his debut album “Than Sadet” on Dekmantel Records, which promises to be a true showpiece on the label. In anticipation of this, the Amsterdam based imprint releases a sampler EP with two forthcoming tracks of the album on the 20th of June.

This ultra-talented chap is no stranger to any, but it’s fair to say Than Sadet is his most impressive and distinctive work to date. This sampler is a sneak peek into what is about to be an absolute label highlight; a prelude to the new Makam sound. ‘Riding High’ is a lush, Isolee-esque lengthy house jam, and the blissful ambient ride backed up by tropical birds ‘Than Sadet’ gives more insight into the new territories Blanken has been digging into. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

“Than Sadet” Sampler EP will drop on June 20th, 2016


DKMNTL037 // Makam – Than Sadet Sampler EP
A1. Makam – Riding High
B1. Makam – Than Sadet
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