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Dekmantel Selectors presents Mr. Scruff documentary

Following the latest one by Lena Willikens.

Andrew Carthy, better known as Mr. Scruff, is the protagonist of the latest Dekmantel Selectors mini-documentary series. The British Dj producer has been regular at the Dutch promoter events, closing this year’s Selector stage

The 11-minute video focuses on his own drawings, his monthly residency ‘Keep It Unreal’ – which he has been running for 20 years now, musical influences and how he prepares his Dj sets, always seeing communication as key.

“You work to feel part of something. At one point you are and it goes well, and you walk away feeling happy, and everybody else does as well. I notice even if the technical people are happy, the crowd is happy, it’s like you’ve treated everyone with respect. You’ve learned something, and you’re not just there to do your thing and leave”, Mr.Scruff commented.

Watch the video below.

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