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Depaart debuts on Diynamic Music with their ‘Division’ EP

The release also features tracks from Mister Sweatband.

After a short hiatus, Madrid-based duo Depaart is back in a big way, with an EP available through Solomun’s label, Diynamic Music.

His contribution to the ‘Division’ EP consists of two tracks: ‘Take The Love Now’ and ‘Le Tour’. Although both songs are of a different nature, they are faithful to the personal sound that the duo formed by Guille Marraco and Fran Zaragoza has been building.

As indicated in the press release, ‘Take The Love Now’ is a nod to that electro-pop side of the duo, with a certain resemblance to their first releases’, while ‘Le Tour’ is night, darkness and energy (…). It is the most rebellious part of Depaart.

The release also includes two tracks from American producer Mister Sweatband. Furthermore, Depaart has confirmed two new releases in the coming months and will also present their new live show very soon.

Listen to the ‘Divison’ EP below and find your copy here.

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