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Detroit’s Underground Resistance accuse Armin Van Buuren of plagiarism

Based on Van Buuren’s latest name and logo for his Ibiza parties.

Detroit-based crew Underground Resistance have accused trance DJ and producer Arvin Van Buuren to illegally appropriate their logo and name for his new Ibiza residency.

“Is there no shame? What happened to electronic creativity? What the fuck is it all about the money?? To ‘those who know’ MOVE TO CONDITION RED!! To those who steal culture, you have been warned”, they posted on Facebook last Saturday.

The declaration comes after the Dutch artist recently announced his Hï Ibiza residency titled ‘U R With Armin Van Buuren’, to take place every Wednesday night.

Cornelius Harris, label manager of Underground Resistance also posted, “Sometimes you wake up to a WTF moment and it takes a minute to really have it sink in. So UR has only been a pioneering label and collective for just over 25 years, yet Armin van Buuren thinks it’s clever to take the logo and slap it on his event as if it’s his. And this is why I have to keep telling some people to go to hell”.

Below Van Buuren’s poster for his Hï Ibiza nights, draw your own conclusion.

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