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Diego Miranda (CH) – Road to Zero – Take Away

During our life, we always choose to follow certain roads. It can be a road that will lead us to a particular place, a road that will define who we are, or it can be a road that will just take us nowhere or to an unknown destination. With his new ‘Road to Zero’ EP, Chilean artist Diego Miranda blazes his own trail, setting himself apart from the rest with a most gripping journey that tells of uncharted, exotic lands where his imagination reigns supreme.

Taking the first steps with ‘Road to Zero’, a throbbing groove runs over a myriad of highly detailed effects until a haunting synthetic sequence paints color swirls that linger suspended in melancholy. Delightfully intense, Miranda opens up a portal into introspective depths with a captivating narrative and unique sonic design, perfectly setting the tone for the rest of the record.

Distilling a similar energy, ‘Souq Okaz’ overrides the senses with a thick frame and iridescent sonic bursts that tantalize listeners, drawing us inside a piece that seeks to transcend genres with its eastern flair. In a clash of two worlds, Diego Miranda expertly combines the sands of time with future-laced electronica for a spectacular outing that elevates the Chilean artist’s works to distinctive new heights.

Hypnotic from the offset, ‘Dos Soles’ paints a mesmerizing soundscape where deserts shift overnight under the magnetic pull of two suns. Between mangled vocals and drifting sonics, Miranda imagines welcoming mirages that enchant lost vagabonds as they dwell in the arid landscape for an arresting finale to his most compelling story yet.

The package is rounded off by two remixes, courtesy of Erdi Irmak and Greg Ochman. Irmak reimagines ‘Road to Zero’ under a more organic atmosphere, as tribal-inspired percussive patterns and reverb-drenched stabs lend a new lease of life to the piece under the falling stars. For the last act, Greg Ochman reworks the rugged ‘Souq Okaz’ as a slick blend of organic house and melodic techno where a pristine arpeggio takes centerstage, navigating through a sea of striking effects and breathtaking images.

Diego Miranda’s new ‘Road to Zero’ EP is out now via Take Away. Purchase your copy here.

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