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Differed Records – Hybrid – Various Artists

Differed Records – Hybrid – Various Artists

Differed Records brings us an EP titled ‘Hybrid’ with tracks by 5 Indian producers, serving as a sample of how techno and electronic music are perceived and processed on the other side of the world. While staying true to the foundations of the genre, each cut showcases the many different ways it can be bent and skewed until it gains another personality altogether. From the raw sounds of electro to the depths of dub techno, this 5-track sampler is an interesting release that may take listeners and dancefloors by surprise.

Mood Syndicate strikes first with punchy electro track Samantara Zredhi, which starts awash in a storm of synths and effects, punctuated by a rattling, resounding bassline. The cut’s vibe shifts during the transition on the break, softening the preceding tonal attack and adding an aura of mystery for its final segment. The combination of jittery sequences and floating echoes makes for a well-rounded sound, which manages to soothe while also packing a wallop.

Next comes ‘Floating Signs’ by Sixth Tone, an atmospheric techno cut with a subdued, understated intro that gives way to progressive elements, opening up the sound while keeping the tension going. Deceptively simple, the track hides its menacing energy by using restraint, keeping the pace steady and letting the groove take over.

The third cut, named ‘G225’, comes from an Unknown Artist, who employs dub sensibilities over tribal rhythms to create an expansive, organic vibe. Drums take over center stage and drive the tune relentlessly forward, met by twisting synth stabs and a bouncing bassline, which builds up to an impressive wall of sound by the time the track reaches full intensity.

Vilas Monnappa’s ‘Cage the Humans’ comes as the EP’s fourth track, immediately immersing the listener in an outer-space, sci-fi setting with twisting, icy-cold synths and growling futuristic tones. The voice sample in the break confirms the alien nature of the track, a truly unusual collection of sounds and melodies that would not sound out of place in an extraterrestrial disco.

Closing track ‘Aeschylus’ comes from Yon DJ, who pairs pumping bass and intense synth sequences with bubbling, phasing effects and a dramatic background to create a deep, melodic version of techno. The dark tones used by the producer give the cut a sense of melancholy, providing a fitting ending for an intense and varied EP.

Release Date: December 9th, 2019

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