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Pioneer’s New Turntable will Digitalize Your Records (Video)

Pioneer has recently announced that they are coming out with a new turntable, the Pioneer PLX-500. The new turntable comes out in a time where most tunes come in digital format. As we all know the digital format allows users to fit immense catalogs into any portable flash drive, but if you’re a collector, a dj, or you just want to take your music collection everywhere, you’re in for treat with Pioneer’s latest turntable.

As expected the PLX-500 will play vinyl record but it will also be able to digitize your vinyl collection by connecting it to your computer via USB. According to Pioneer, “An in-built USB output means you can record your vinyl collection to high-quality digital WAV files by simply connecting the PLX-500 to your PC or Mac.”

Supposedly, when you’re not digitizing your collection, you can use them mixing and scratching. Added to all its functionality the PLX-500 costs a reasonable $350. The turntable is it is expected to begin shipping this coming September and you can choose it in black or white.

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