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Digweed, Guy J And Mantzur Land In Mar De Plata

Digweed, Guy J and Mantzur land in Mar de Plata

The progressive house trio performed last Saturday, January 13th at Mute Beach.

Following John Digweed’s latest show in 2017 that was forced to shut down due to an electrical storm, we returned to the same location a bit worried due to a similar forecast published by local authorities. For the grace of all they were wrong and there was no rain; just a little wind to what otherwise was a great night of music at the beaches of Mar del Plata.

The doors opened about 45 minutes off which took some time off Guy Mantzur’s opening duties. Despite this, the Israeli DJ was able to express himself in a big way in front of all the ‘manijas’, as the artist calls the Argentinean public, going through tracks like ‘Her’ by Theo Kottis and ‘Galera’ by D’ella.

Following was the turn for Guy J. The Lost & Found founder could not avoid going through one of his own creations titled ‘MDQ‘, identifying acronym of Mar de Plata. Tracks like ‘When we Face Reality’ by Sahar Z & Navar, also released on his label, was part of the artists’ repertoire as he closed his set with a series of uniquely arranged sounds in a climate of smiles.

As we saw the main act make his way onto the stage, the crew changed the equipment from the classic four-channel Traktor to three CDJ Pioneer 2000 and a Allen & Heat Xone DB4 mixer, Digweed’s choice for the night.

Undoubtedly, Digweed masterfully puts out a show of versatility that becomes somehow hard to define as he travels from different expressions and genres. In about three and a half hours we were delighted with a symphony of classic tunes as well as new selections, not to mention some ‘unreleased’ material that we couldn’t identify.

During the evening we listened to tracks by different renowned producers like Hot Since 82, Edu Imbernon, Satori, Eagles & Butterflies, among other tunes frequented by the Bedrock boss. Tracks like ‘A Familiar Place’ by Fort Romeau was one of the tracks we spotted during the night. As the set moved forward it became more intense with elaborated and obscure sounds which is part of the usual progression that characterizes Digweed’s mixing style.

We also want to point out the work done by the VJ Ivan Pierroti aka Elefante Diamante, who provided an unforgettable visual accompaniment throughout the night.

Around 5:30 am Digweed played a remix of ‘Forget The World’ by John Creamer & Stephane K, one of the last tracks of the evening and a very special one who marked the night as one to be remembered. As the event came to an end, we have no option but to wait for the announcement of the next tour from most prestigious DJ in the world.

Photos of  J & J Audio Visual 

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