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Diogo Strausz – Flight Of Sagittarius (Yuksek Remix) – Goutte d’Or Records

Originally released on December 2021, Diogo Strausz’s ‘Flight Of Sagittarius’ saw the light of day via Cracki Records, and it was a sublime mixture of Marvin Gaye and ‘Age Of Aquarius’. Cool and sexy, yet laid back, ‘Flight Of Sagittarius’ is one of those timeless cuts that is impossible not to get down to. Now, Yuksek drops the velvet vests and lets that Saturday Night Fever in as he straps on his dancing shoes.

Reverb drenched percussions entangle the hips, making them sway in tropical fashion before we are swept away by the same delectable bassline that made ‘Flight Of Sagittarius’ a bonafide hit. Diogo Strausz’s recognizable falsetto then steps into the scene, coming in from a different plane, as if transmissions were coming in straight from the ’80s as Yuksek showcases his exquisite production skills. From this point onwards, the funk takes over, and it tastes better than a tall glass of lemonade in the middle of the Summer. It’s a pure, old-fashioned jam skate down the ballroom as iridescent disco balls swirl around us. A most effective time machine that pushes Diogo Strausz’s ‘Flight Of Sagittarius’ straight through the doors of Studio54 back in its heyday. White horses and all.

‘Diogo Strausz – Flight Of Sagittarius (Yuksek Remix)’ is out now via Goutte d’Or Records. Purchase your copy here.

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