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Dirk Sid Eno – Toxic Skin – Dear Deer Black

‘Durch Die Nacht’ co-founder Dirk Sid Eno has come into his own in recent years, providing his own personal twist on sound with his productions that can frequently be found nodding towards euphoric and melancholic atmospheres on labels such as Dantze or KATERMUKKE, precisely where he released the 2020 summer hit ‘Dance Again’.

Now, the Cologne-based artist lands on Ukraine’s own Dear Deer Black with his latest outing, a brand new single titled ‘Toxic Skin’. Built around a jet-black framework, iridescent percussions inject life into the backbone of the production, rolling on a throbbing bassline. Provided a setting, synth stabs and glitches come in and out of focus, until a meandering arpeggio treads through the haze as it explores every inch of the desolate imagery conveyed by Dirk. Come breakdown, the producer decides to let the bassline and synths break free from their constraints as they square off in a masterful showdown of technical prowess, culminating in a spellbinding third act that harnesses the tension, transforming it once again into raw energy.

A vital weapon to any modern progressive DJ that thrives on the darker edge of the genre, ‘Toxic Skin’ growls and thrashes with sheer power, and one can only imagine the damage it will do when dancefloors across the globe are brimming with life once again.

Dirk Sid Eno’s ‘Toxic Skin’ is out now via Dear Deer Black. Grab your copy here.

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