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Disclosure share video and announces new album ‘ENERGY’

They also shared their first video in 5 years.

Today, Grammy-nominated duo Disclosure has revealed ‘ENERGY’, their forthcoming album, which is bound to be released on August 28th. They have also premiered the title track, with it’s accompanying video.

The brand new single, is an injection of house & Brazilian flavor, brimming with good vibes and energy, and features the vocals of Eric Thomas. He who links up with the Lawrence brothers one more time after the success of ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’, preaches ‘Look! Where your focus goes, your energy flows’. Certainly a message apt for these chaotic days.  

According to Disclosure, When we found Eric many years ago, he was like a goldmine of inspirational quotes and motivational speeches. Even if he was speaking to a room of five, it was like he was addressing a stadium. He has an immense presence and energy about him that translates so well into music – especially house music. This time, we cut up various speeches to make something that makes sense. What he says is basically the whole concept for the record, that’s why it became the title track.

For the creation and final selection of the album songs, the duo went through over 200 tracks. From loops, to fully realized songs, the duo decided they should be guided by the ‘ENERGY’ ethos, which reigns supreme throughout all 11 selected cuts that make up the final album. 

‘The thing that decided which songs made it and which songs didn’t was that one word: energy. Every track was written really quickly. That’s why we had to write so many songs because those ones don’t come up every day. Or every week. Or every month’, the Lawrence brothers recall.

Disclosure’s ‘ENERGY’ will be out on August 28th. You can pre-order your copy here, and watch the video below.

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