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DJ Holographic shares 5 motivational tips for a musician’s career

Photo Credit: Marie Staggat

DJ Holographic is a one-woman funk machine born-and-raised in Detroit. Her mission is to serve a mix of musical cuisine that contains consuming house beats, passionate R&B, unreserved disco, true Detroit Techno, and Motown soul. Working with the Detroit music community, such as underground Resistance, Carl Craig, Moodymann, Rocksteady Disco, and DJ Minx, she is constantly inspired and her curiosity has the better of her. DJ Holographic’s mixes will put you in a mystic groove long before you leave your 9to 5 and keep you satisfied until the sun comes up. Her DJ sets have always come to life when the crowd hangs up their responsibilities for the day and feels the truth within themselves.

Ahead of her performance at Day Zero Tulum 2022, DJ Holographic shares 5 motivational tips for a musician’s career.

1. Take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary (mentally or otherwise)

Trust me it’s not serving you, your friends, neighbor, or the cat down the road. Words are one of the most powerful things we have on this planet. You are what you say. This is why I enjoy music with vocals and deep lyrics.

2. Scripting/Planning

If you can have the dream life you desire, what would it look like? Feel like? Who would you look like? Who would you be and who would be around you? Write out all that you desire in present tense…Bonus: Sit there and envision what that would feel like. Wishes always come true! (Just be careful what you ask for…)

3. Treat your life like a movie, what genre would it be?

As DJs, we set the tone vibe for someone’s whole journey for the night. Just how I make a setlist that sets a tone for the night, I do the same every day in my life. I’ll play music in my home that creates a vibe that helps narrate my life (that’s Al Green & Luther Vandross, all day long).

4. Listen to your heart 

I personally ignored my feelings and my heart most of my life, which in turn, created a lot of awful scenarios that would put me in various dangerous situations. However, once I started listening to my heart, from that moment, I’ve moved in my career with ease, being in the right place at the right time, and working with the people that I enjoy. My heart helps me choose the music in my sets, not my ego

5. Unlearn

Be willing to unlearn everything that you have learned at this point. Be willing to question if your beliefs are yours or your family’s. Your values, do you actually practice them but act the opposite? Unlearn everything.

DJ Holographic will be performing at Day Zero Tulum 2022. Purchase your tickets here.

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