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DJ Kim Ann Foxman and her partner Cora were attacked in Berlin

Foxman believes the attack was primarily due to their visible identity as a queer Asian female couple.

DJ Kim Ann Foxman and her partner, Cora, who are both figures in the music industry, were subjected to an unprovoked attack in the Thielenbrücke area of Berlin.

On Saturday, April 6th, Foxman shared the details of the disturbing incident on her Instagram account. The incident had occurred the previous day while the couple were discussing their anniversary dinner plans. A young woman passing by them unexpectedly violated Cora’s personal space. When Cora attempted to confront her, the woman responded violently, landing several punches on Cora’s face.

The assault did not end there. The woman’s male companion also joined in, directing his aggression towards Foxman. She was knocked to the ground by the pair and kicked in the back and legs. The following day, they discovered additional injuries from the multiple instances of assault.

Foxman suspects that the attack was primarily motivated by their identity as a visibly queer Asian female couple. She suggested that the woman’s initial invasive gesture towards Cora was likely related to the couple’s sexual orientation. Foxman also stated that this incident underscored the vulnerability they face due to societal injustices. Feeling that reporting the incident to the police was not enough, she urged their fellow queer, rave, and Asian communities to remain vigilant and extra cautious.


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