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DJ Lag and Mr. Nation Thingz unveil visualizer for ‘Hade Boss’

The song, exceeding 2 million streams, was released alongside DJ Lag’s 2024 worldwide tour announcement.

Photo credit: Vice Drey Studio

DJ Lag, often referred to as the ‘King of Gqom,’ and the South African artist Mr. Nation Thingz have released the official visualizer for their hit track ‘Hade Boss.’

‘Hade Boss’ is a creative partnership between Mr Nation Thingz and DJ Lag and features contributions from KC Driller. “This track, co-produced with my associate KC Driller from Clermont, marks the start of something truly remarkable,” shares DJ Lag.

With over 240 million views on TikTok, ‘Hade Boss’ has been embraced by influencers like Kamo Mphela and Pabi Cooper, and has surpassed 2 million streams. To mark this achievement, DJ Lag and Mr Nation Thingz released a visualizer for the song, coinciding with the announcement of DJ Lag’s 2024 worldwide tour, set to kick off in the US.

Mr Nation Thingz explains the theme of ‘Hade Boss,’ saying, “The song tells the story of someone asking their boss for their annual bonus in December, excited to join in the festive celebrations.”

Watch the official ‘Hade Boss’ visualizer below and get your copy here.

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