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DJ Maury Tripp – Freaky – Baikonur Recordings

DJ/Producer Maury Tripp was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and he began to carve out his own musical path at the age of just 15. With determination, he began his percussion studies, nurturing his calling, and immediately fell in love with house, influenced by a generation of electronic music pioneers, such as the Chemical Brothers, Italo Boys, and Danny Tenaglia among others. Since 2009, Maury has been a regular in the Colombian nightlife circuit, releasing on labels like Happy Play House, Cubek Records, and Baikonur Recordings. 

Now, the Barranquilla-based producer returns to Baikonur Recording for ‘Freaky’, a 2-track mammoth of a workout that will ravage dancefloors on command.

EP opener, ‘Freaky’, boasts a muscular frame flexing a powerful low end that makes the foundations quake, as a classic, dusty vocal sample invites us to get freaky and go ‘loco’. Meanwhile, crisp hi-hats and crashes expertly intertwine for a dense high end that keeps things fresh and fun as Maury blazes everything in its path with this certified scorcher.

The second track in the EP, ‘Landing’, sees a restless bassline taking center stage before the rest of the beat comes barging in, thrusting listeners into an intergalactic rollercoaster of a ride. Violently swaying and taking sharp turns, Tripp’s ‘Landing’ creates a very interesting contrast in dynamics, allowing for pit-stops of sorts before hitting hyperdrive again for what a memorable moment filled with thrills and hands in the air.

Maury Tripp’s ‘Freaky’ EP is out now on Baikonur Recordings. Purchase your copy here.

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