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Listen to DJ Patisso’s new single ‘Like You’

Now available via Adesso Music label.

Photo Credit: André Chémétoff

DJ Patisso has released his latest single entitled ‘Like You’, which is now available on the Adesso Music label. This track pays homage to the 90s, combining elements of nostalgia and vibrancy.

‘Like You’ is a catchy melody with a compelling rhythm that’s sure to energize dance floors. The track features a pulsating bassline and a mix of suspense and tranquility, punctuated by synthetic tech house beats. The female vocals bring depth to the track, enhancing the label’s underground vibe.

Born as Salvatore Patisso in Lecce, Italy, DJ Patisso developed his passion for music at the age of 11. He started his career at a local radio station before becoming a resident DJ at various popular venues in Puglia. His talent has taken him beyond Italy to perform in Switzerland, Tunisia, and Albania. Since 2021, he has produced music for labels such as Monoside, Open Bar Music, and Papa Records, blending classic grooves with modern tastes.

Listen to ‘Like You’ below and grab your copy here.

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