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DJ Ruby & Gustin electrify the Buenos Aires sunset

An incredible afternoon by the Argentine shoreline.

As the blistering summer heat dissipates, and the cool and crisp winds slowly creep into the night, the South American festival season begins to see the first Autumn leaves fall. But, thankfully, the production agency FP BEATS and 120 BPM Store know just how to turn up the temperature with their open-air ‘Sunset Vibes’ events.

This round, the centigrades were rising to pure deep and progressive house with two internationally renowned headliners like the Maltese DJ Ruby, and The Soundgarden resident Gustin. At full sundown, the Creta terrace welcomed us with the last rays of the sun in a spectacular sunset with a captivating view of the river. The first slow-burning kicks were dealt by the expert hand of Antigona, operating with patience and temper that reflect the good taste and professionalism of the Argentine DJ, while delicate melodies painted traces of color in the air.

Already at sunset, Nico Chifi and the F.O.M.O duo finished setting the atmosphere and immersed a dancefloor that was already completely lost in dense beats and rims of smoke under the lights that were in sync to the groove. With everyone under a warm and festive trail, one of the most long-awaited moments arrived, the first presentation of the iconic Maltese entertainer, DJ Ruby.

Relentless, DJ Ruby threw his three decades as a performer on the dance floor, weaving a set with pure emotion and groove. With experience and a great sense of storytelling, Ruby raised the octane to the dancefloor with an exquisite selection of tracks, which included several from the Argentine public, such as Partenaire, Mauro Augugliaro, Bootes Gray, and the duo Volans, characterized by a dark sound, with drive, and drops. grandiloquent that allowed to appreciate every melodic detail. Undoubtedly, the connection with the Argentine public was immediate, and chemistry played a leading role on a stellar summer night.

To culminate with this edition of ‘Sunset Vibes’, the chosen one was a habitual visitor of our lands, Gustin, who is a resident of The Soundgarden, the brand led by Nick Warren. Gustin is someone with deep ties to Argentina and therefore knows the public perfectly. Fresh from a massive set at Rosario, the Irishman delivered another masterclass. Gustin picked up where DJ Ruby had left off, unleashing a frenzy of pure movement that elevated the dance floor to new and uncharted heights, closing an unforgettable night to bid farewell to a fantastic summer season in one of the most important cultural hotspots in Latin America.

You can revive DJ Ruby’s presentation at FP BEATS’s ‘Sunset Vibes’ below.

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