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Dj Tennis & Guti join Martin Buttrich on his Collaborator project (Stream)

Martin Buttrich is famously as fluent behind a mixing console as in front of a virtual drum kit. That technical prowess, combined with a fascination for music of every shape, has resulted in outstanding releases on influential labels around the world. Now he went a step forward with the Collaborator project. This one provides a new platform for Martin’s artistic expression and in turn allowing him to collaborate with his much esteemed colleagues and friends.

After the first release Mathew Jonson‘s “Synchronicity“, Buttrich invited two heavyweight artists, Guti with “New Game” and Life & Death‘s godfather Dj Tennis, providing “Perpetual“.

Both tracks perfectly capture Martin’s unparalleled studio work and production style weaving together minimal percussion and warped sounds creating stunning listening experiences.

Dj Tennis‘s “Perpetual” eases the listener through an introduction of haunting synth keys slowly building into a crisp drum rhythm and chilling vocal sample, a recognizable style of both Martin’s and DJ Tennis’ studio work.

Guti’sNew Game” provides a bass driven production that relentlessly progresses fully encompassing the message of creativity staying true to the nature of these collaborations. Floating vocals and gentle tones combine with the ever-present bassline to create a track that intricately displays both artists ability in their truest of forms.

“Perpetual” will be out digitally on July 8th. “New Game” is already available on worldwide stores.


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