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DJs on Twitch required to share earnings with record labels

To avoid copyright issues and DMCA requests.

Photo credit: Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

Twitch CEO, Dan Clancy, recently announced that DJs streaming on the platform must share their earnings with record labels. This change is part of a new framework requiring artists to disclose their website earnings and involves a shared payment system with labels.

Despite opposition from DJs, Clancy insisted that Twitch would cover part of the label dues, with the rest coming from the artists’ revenue. This system will track all music played during streams and allocate income to the corresponding record labels.

Clancy confirmed these changes will solely affect DJs due to different regulations for livestreams and videos concerning copyrighted music. The decision addresses copyright issues and aims to prevent DMCA takedown requests, allowing DJs to continue streaming.

This follows increased copyright takedowns for DJs on Twitch in 2020, as per the DMCA.

The full interview with Dan Clancy is available here.

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