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Doc Martin talks about Sublevel, his New Album, and MMW

Sublevel’s head honcho and house legend Doc Martin sits with us to discuss his latest album, some house history lessons, and his latest mix for EG.

Thank you Doc for your time to answer these questions, a true honor to have you as our guest!

Electronic Groove: We’ve heard that Sublevel is coming out with a new album. Can you tell us about it?

Doc Martin: We are so very excited about this album. It travels thru many temperaments of music, but has a great vibe that holds it all together. Lillia (AKA known as Sublevel Live) amazing vocal talents, really get to shine on this. The mighty Blakkat is doing the final tweaking on it. This is our second album. Our first was a Japan only release, that did very well. Jay Tripwire and the Acid Mondays also contributed to this project.

There will also be a remix album to follow. Luke Solomon, D’Julz, Joeski, Asadinho, Acid Mondays, Chaim, Mathew Styles and a few surprises.

EG: What are your thoughts on the evolution of house in the US?

DM: I’m extremely happy with the way the music has been moving forward. There are good parties in most towns across the US. There has always been a scene here in the United States. It may have been more underground, but there’s always been a scene. What most people don’t realize is that the US is huge. California alone is bigger than England. In Europe you can get to about anywhere in 2-3 hours. I find myself on a plane for easily 5 hours each way on any given weekend.

EG: Do you believe that rapid media consumption has affected the perceptions of the listener and the value of music?

DM: A very leading question but yes. I always hear that, what we do anyone can do now. Technically maybe, with all the technology out there but technology can’t give you taste, or experience. I feel very fortunate to have people around me who are fanatical about dancing, and open to the music. I now find myself having to dig harder to find the gems, but they are out there.

EG: Do you miss the old days or do you find enough fulfillments in the current scene?

DM: Even though it would be easy to say, that the old days were where it’s at. I’m looking forward to the good new days. I’m constantly meeting new people who are having that feeling for the first time. It ‘s showing me that the energy, vibe, and love are still there. I’m thankful for the crowd now putting energy back into the music scene. I still have a deep love for this.

EG: We’re sure you have some amazing stories in all your years of traveling. Any one you can share with us?

DM: I think I’ve seen a ton of crazy stuff through it all. Highlights have been DJ’ing at the Sound Factory(NYC),Hacienda, DC10, first time at Get Lost, Trouw, The Rex (Paris), Cityfox (NYC.), Desert Hearts, opening for James Brown, Grace Jones, being Tour Dj for Deee-lite, Residencies @ Twilo, Fabric, Electric Pickle and way to many outdoor parties and festivals to mention. I always try to enjoy myself everywhere I play.

EG: Have you seen any new artists that we should look into?

DM: There are so many good artists who may be new to me, but have been doing it in their own territories for 10 years or more. I have a lot of respect for DJ’s and Producers who put in the work. It shows with the vibe they are putting out into the world. There are way too many people who I have love for to mention it here.

EG: You’ve done a very special mix for us. Can you get into some details about it?

DM: This mix is just a variety of unreleased, new, and just empathetic morning jams. I always try to make every mix I do, have a vibe of it’s own. This was done live, no computer touch ups. No sync buttons were harmed on this mix.

EG: This Sunday you return to Listed and Get Physical’s Ship of Fools. Should we expect something new, maybe a classic tune or just dance and enjoy the view?

DM: I’m really looking forward to this party!!! Last year I played about 9 parties, and even though all of them were pretty special in their own way. This one was a nuclear experience! Just the vibe, music, and crowd made it special! As far as what to expect. This year we are doing Sublive as well. We did this at BPM and it went down very well. You’ll always get new, unreleased, hidden gems and a few surprises. That’s how I roll.

EG: Thanks for taking the time to do the mix and talk with us. Have a great week in sunny Miami! 

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