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Dominik Eulberg premieres video inspired on his fascination with nature

The audiovisual piece was directed by Jan Haft.

German DJ and producer Dominik Eulberg just shared a video clip of his new single ‘Goldene Acht’, which is part of his upcoming album ‘Mannigfaltig’ to be released on September 6th via !K7 Records.

The material, which exhibits stunning images captured mainly in the animal and plant kingdom, was created by the prominent German documentary maker Juan Haft, recognized for works such as ‘The Green Planet’ and ‘Magie Der Moore’.

“With my new work, I want to mirror the endless variation of nature and highlight the entire color-palette of life. I could not imagine anyone more perfect to visualize this topic more elaborated and versatile than the genius nature filmmaker Jan Haft. I am a huge fan of his movies since many years and it is true honor for me to watch his stunning pictures to my music, cut with so such a brilliant intelligence and sensitivity”, Eulberg added.

Watch ‘Goldene Acht’ video below and pre-order your copy here.

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