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DOMO – Beautiful Trip – Polyptych

Spain-based DJ & producer DOMO is back on the dancefloors with the drop of his ‘Beautiful Trip’ EP for Polyptych. Taking house and deep tech as the foundation for his sound, the artist amps up emotions while exploring a more tribal sound in a powerful two-track EP that is bound to drive dancefloors into a collective seance as they prey to the night gods.

Unrushed, DOMO presents ‘Grace’ in a hasteless manner, allowing for a full-bodied percussive pattern to unfurl biding its time as it draws listeners in with spectral drones and mystical textures. Deep inside, hypnotic synthetic stabs lead down to a resounding bassline that boldly takes hold of the piece while delicate strings rise and swell, painting arresting pictures in the background before taking center stage in an ethereal breakdown that expels excess tensions, allowing for the irresistible groove to kick back in, putting us under its spell once again.

For the second act, ‘Beautiful Trip’, DOMO summons long horns that resound over a solid frame as they call to a myriad of wonky sonic projections that restlessly bounce around with a fresh sense of style, navigating between gorgeous swells that capture the imagination and undiscernible vocals that echo in the spacious dream sequence generated by the Spanish producer. A deep voyage, the cut paints an introspective tour that pushes the boundaries of aural psychedelics with an equal sense of beauty and the uncharted.

Smart by design and complex in emotions, DOMO’s new ‘Beautiful Trip’ EP showcases the constant evolution of a producer that balances the dancefloor and substance in every one of his creations.

DOMO’s ‘Beautiful Trip’ EP is out now via Polyptych. Purchase your copy here.

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