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DOTT – Little Helpers 308 – Little Helpers

Little Helpers is a label known for putting out quality material by the loads, however, anyone that has followed their work is aware of its catalog’s established “DJ tool” character driven by productions that focus more on tasteful rhythmic grooves and simple unadulterated ideas rather than complex musical extravaganzas. DOTT’s (Dogs On The Turns’) work does just this via an impeccable collection that relocates back and forward between trippy minimal and dreamy deep house without losing its sole purpose of grooving. These are tunes that reward adaptability, rhythmic clarity and dancefloor effectiveness over other sought traits in club music without dropping the bar on sonic exquisiteness.

Smooth bouncy bass-lines are a common denominator while dreamy pads and stabs that sound like they come from an eclectic dungeon deliver engaging mystery throughout the whole thing. There is an uplifting element that makes its way round and around from one track to the next. The compositions go from less to more backed and enriched by clean rhythmic percussion that is subtle but extremely present,  and by ambient noises that reflect from all kinds of dimensions giving you a sense of space and time.

DOTT’s work is intelligent and effective, and as unique as it is, it is also a remarkable representation of the label’s well-defined philosophy. Stunning work from the Thai producer.

‘Little Helpers 308’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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