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Dubspeeka: “The Audience In Germany Has Always Been Receptive And Energetic”

dubspeeka: “The audience in Germany has always been receptive and energetic”

Over the last couple of years elusive Bristol based producer and DJ dubspeeka has put down a statement of intent for the coming years as he has effortlessly broken through into the techno community’s collective consciousness.  His productions have a deep refreshing rawness that affirm a lifetime of fine-tuning his ear in the studio, garnering the respect of his peers via releases on Drumcode, Last Night On Earth and of course his own Skeleton imprint. 

Ahead of a busy summer including a Germany tour we catched up with the artist to discuss what to expect from him in the coming months…

Electronic Groove: Hi dubspeeka, pleased to get the chance to talk to you today. You’re going to be performing across Germany over the coming month at the likes of Watergate and Freiluftfestival Usedom. Can you tell us what the crowd can expect from your sets?

Dubspeeka: The audience in Germany has always been receptive and energetic so I always try out new stuff which I haven’t played anywhere else, so fingers crossed they’ll go down well.

Electronic Groove: How do the German crowds compare to the rest of the world?

Dubspeeka:  There are certain places here where you can really experiment with your set and 9 out of 10 times it gets a good reaction, I think people expect that as well, which for me personally is great and also a challenge.

Electronic Groove: Can you name 3 songs that your fans can expect to hear?

Dubspeeka:  K130, K377 and dc5 have been regulars, so these for sure with some other exclusive and edits thrown in.

Electronic Groove:  Is there a song that is dominating your sets at the moment?

Dubspeeka:  My K130 release on Last Night On Earth has been going down really well, its a slow builder, but when it gets there everyone seems to be locked in.

Electronic Groove: Your music has been released across some of underground music’s most prolific labels such as Drumcode. When working in the studio, do you produce music to suit a specific labels sound?

Dubspeeka:  Not really, I tend to do whatever comes to me at the time. But when I come to send material out to labels I’ll think about their sound and pick the tunes I think will fit, but I’ll also send some more stuff that they might pick up on.

Electronic Groove: Can you name 3 artists who have greatly influenced your music and why?

Dubspeeka:  Aphex Twin  –  The sheer spectrum of style and sound but always retaining his own unique style I think is something every producer should aim for.

Mad Professor – I’ve been a huge fan of his material for years, the way he treats his sound and the use of the desk is all inspiring.

Burial – There is something about his sound and production that I get totally immersed into, a true modern genius.

Electronic Groove:  You’ve recently released an EP on Drumcode called ‘Unfriended’; what’s next on Dubspeeka agenda?

Dubspeeka: Next up is a release on my label Skeleton, its a collection of tracks I’ve been working on over the last year which I’ve decided to put out,  more of a listening experience than obvious floor tools.

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