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Dusky shares details of upcoming album ‘JOY’

Their first one via their own 17 Steps label.

Dusky continues to build upon the pleasure principle as they announce the release of ‘JOY’, their third studio album. Featuring 13 new original tracks, it will be released on November 5th, both in vinyl and digital formats.

The newly announced ‘JOY’ finds Dusky ‘looking back to more innocent times and to rave music’s halcyon days’, having tapped into ‘that special moment when raving was still a voyage into the unknown’. According to its description, ’JOY’ brings together all the finesse and subtlety that Dusky have honed while traversing the various corners of clubland over the past decade, all their understanding of fundamental dance floor dynamics, and channels it all to a single, unified purpose’.

Dusky’s ‘JOY’ will be out on November 5th via 17 Steps. Check out the artwork below.

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