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Echonomist explores new sounds on Innervisions’ ‘Secret Places’ album

Out now.

Photo credit: Ioanna Chatziandreou

Greek producer Echonomist showcases his synth-driven sound on his latest LP, ‘Secret Places’. This album combines dreamy ambient, energetic techno, and shimmering indie-electronica, creating a vibrant world of contrasting textures and catchy melodies.

The journey begins with the soothing ambient interlude ‘A Sunday Morning (Intro),’ followed by the powerful bass of the second track, ‘A Different Frame.’ Collaborations with Avangart Tabldot and Alexandros Miaris, frontman of the London group Electric Litany, bring their distinctive musical styles to the album. Miaris also impresses on three additional tracks, contributing haunting vocals and paying homage to the influential ’80s synth sound.

The album takes a gritty techno direction with ‘Falling Head,’ featuring the vocals of Nadia Ali. Inspired by Ali’s powerful voice, this track came together swiftly with contributions from Kristian (Âme). The closing track, ‘Unchain Melody,’ delivers an emotionally rewarding experience.

Listen to ‘Secret Places’ below and get your copy here.

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