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Eddy Romero highlights curated aspects of his Mental Picks series

Since 2013, Eddy Romero has curated the ‘Mental Picks’ series, released by his label ExpMental Records.

The already traditional record label ExpMental Records, run by Eddy Romero, has just reached a very expressive milestone. Besides the hundreds of EPs and singles released since 2008 – the label’s inauguration year – its compilation ‘Mental Picks’ has recently reached its 40th edition, bringing, as always, a variety of artists that explore unusual textures and sounds that show their “more individual” side.

In three tracks, featuring Blu.a, Eddy Romero himself with Dad Of The Year, and Nat Queen Cult with Mountax, the compilation reinforces the diversity of styles within the label’s clubber underground proposal. And to celebrate this important edition number #40, we asked Eddy Romero to talk in more detail about some aspects of the curation of this series.

EG: What are the main aspects observed in each track so that it can be part of the compilation?

Eddy Romero: Well, when selecting a track, it needs to have a history, to be very personal, and make you trip. It doesn’t need to be dance music, it can be any style.

EG: What styles are you looking for more right now?

Eddy Romero: At this moment, we are making a new change in the ‘Mental Picks’ and adding more styles to the sound of the label, keeping our underground club sound. We are looking for more quality downtempo, breaks, similar to our ‘Mental Picks’, and for our normal releases, we want to keep our house side with the deep and micro parts. We are updating our music as the music keeps evolving — and we evolve with it.

EG: Is there a periodicity? When do you decide it’s time to release a new edition?

Eddy Romero: Yes, the ‘Mental Picks’ series go out every quarter normally, but have a fixed month: February, April, July, and October, each time at the end of the month.

EG: Where can artists submit their demos for release on Mental Picks?

Eddy Romero: We have a demo link and they can also do it here.

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