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Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Time Machine’ revitalized by Amirali and Anyasa

Now available via DAYS like NIGHTS.

Photo Credit: Eelke Kleijn’s – Facebook

Eelke Kleijn’s acclaimed track, ‘Time Machine’, has received fresh interpretations from Amirali and Anyasa.

Inspired by Eelke Kleijn’s remix of ‘Deep Inside’, Amirali has crafted his own version. His remix uses chimes to create a unique, captivating energy. Simultaneously, Anyasa has transformed ‘Time Machine’ into a darker, rave-inviting rendition. His remix is unconventional and inventive, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

These revitalized versions have breathed new life into ‘Time Machine’, priming it for a grand resurgence in 2024.

Listen to ‘Time Machine (Remixes)’ below and download your copy here.

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