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EFTEE – The Shaper – WINKED Records

Back in the hollowed corridors, WINKED Records returns with its latest offering, EFTEE’s sublime two-track EP, ‘The Shaper’. Dark, stark, and brash, the release is a perfect addition to the label’s rising catalog, while pushing the artist’s “no-holes-barred” sound to the max.

Electric from the onset, EFTEE’s ‘The Shaper’ courses across a pounding beat as razor-sharp hi-hats cut through the mix like blades. With a clear horizon on the board, the Spanish DJ and producer triggers pulsating lines that traverse over the mix with unbridled energy, colliding against a myriad of exploding effects and cavernous ambiances. Following a first breakdown, ‘The Shaper’ contorts in harrowing, yet spellbinding ways, adding a fantastic series of arrangements that elevate the piece as it makes its way to a second halt, before resuming its warpath with one last blitz where dancefloors quake under this highly narcotic slice of hard techno.

For the second act, EFTEE unveils the aptly-titled ‘Project Mayhem’. Living up to its ‘Fight Club’ counterpart, ‘Project Mayhem’ unfurls in chaos as driving kicks tread over an earth-shattering low-end rumble. With a tense backbone in place, wonky synthetic blips emerge from the depths as filtered hi-hat lines sway in and out, working in tandem with thick percussive splashes and sandpaper-laced stabs for a monumental rollercoaster of a ride that’s bound to offset a most welcomed rush of blood to the system.

A no-nonsense affaire, EFTEE’s ‘The Shaper’ is a perfect exceeder, one that exemplifies the raw energy of a genre that has been rising through the ranks with unrivaled power while encompassing the Spaniard’s gritty and filthy sound.

EFTEE’s ‘The Shaper’ is out now via Winked Records. Purchase your copy here.

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