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I was educated and guided towards the path of music by my father, at the age of  5 years old I started to use a drum kit, and shortly after, at the age of 6 years old I was invited to play drums at the local events as a special guest, to perform alongside my father.

Later I studied piano and at the age of 14, a friend who was a local DJ showed me how to use DJ decks and introduce me to the beauty of mixing. Immediately I fell in love with the idea of ​​being a DJ and the fact that I can create my own signature while mixing two or more songs.

Soon after I started producing my own remixes and songs influenced by great artists such as Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, and also by the old and new generation of DJs and music producers. AutochTone was born from the idea of ​​bringing something authentic to my music that comes from my background and culture, but also from the experience gained over the years.

1. Foby – Timeless Dreamer – Blessed Cross Records
2. Amonita – Aurora
3. Supernova – Lovely Summer Dreams
4. Faucon – Where Will You Go (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
5. Hraach – Blue Road
6. AutochTone – Tube – Blessed Cross Records
7. Giangi Cappai – Domino – Blessed Cross Records
8. York – Farewell To The Moon (PROFF Extended Remix)
9. Weird Sounding Dude – Summer Dive
10. Rashid Ajami – You Don’t Know Me (Madraas Remix)
11. Volen Sentir – Jivoe Serdce (Original Mix) – Shanti Radio Moscow

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