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EG.574 Enzo Muro

Enzo Muro is one of LA’s unsung Heroes. He selflessly supports his community of music freaks on a continuous basis with unwavering genuineness. You can find Enzo at nearly every boutique event Los Angeles promoters offer–that’s because Enzo is friends with nearly every boutique promoter in the city. His advocacy alone for the LA scene and his friends is an Heroic quality we hold in high regard.

As the California liaison for Bamboocha Radio out of Lima, Peru, Enzo has hosted many local djs and special guests in his bedroom studio in recent years. This has been a great opportunity for Enzo to hangout with basically all the djs in the industry on a level outside of the party scene–some tight bonds have derived from these personal encounters.

Now, having recently joined the zealous Electronic Groove team based out of Miami, Enzo has connected a strong link between the U.S. bicoastal network. It’s the perfect match for both parties. Equity is a beautiful thing. The amount of music that Enzo has been exposed to, on his radio show or out and about at every show in LA, gives him a broad and tasteful style of music when he djs. One has to step out of the box to acquire such a taste in music as Enzo Muro.

Recent notable dj gigs for Enzo include Lightning in a Bottle and Desert Hearts, two hugely popular campout festivals in California; and at Avalon opening for Nick Warren and Guy J. Enzo is also a regular jock at The Standard rooftop in downtown Los Angeles; a rotating resident at Clinic, a weekly Wednesday night dance party in Hollywood; and a fixture at Pattern Bar, a popular dimly lit cocktail lounge in DTLA owned and operated by Eduardo Castillo. So, Enzo is busy a dj and on the up-and-up.

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