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EG.576 Third Son

Third Son’s goal has always been simple – to make the best music he can. Coming from a musical family and trained as a musician from a young age, his innate passion for music has taken him through styles and experimentation the world over.

2015 was special. Within one year of conception, Third Son was touring the globe and releasing on highly regarded labels such as Noir Music, Einmusika and Sincopat, while developing his own brand of electronic music from his London studio.

2016 promises something more from the 25 year old. Already having a loaded gig schedule, releases set on home and novel labels, such as Stil Vor Talent, and a full album concept in the pipe-line to boot. A special live set will also be revealed including all original material, referencing his past while pointing to the future of his unique journey.

Watch this space.

1. Jodi Palese – Orion (Conaisseur Recordings)
2. Lord Of The Isles – XIT (Nautilus Rising)
3. Gui Boratto – Driver (Kompakt)
4. Tentacle – Goliath (Zombies In Miami Remix) (Natura Sonoris)
5. Noir, Olivier Giacomotto – Reste (Raxon Remix) (Noir Music)
6. Third Son – Carthage (Unreleased)
7. Marc Depulse – Devotion (Polymath)
8. Third Son – Hubris (Einmusika)
9. Ukka – Exhale (Steyeyoke Black)
10. DJ Tennis – Chirality (Life & Death)

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