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EG.584 Patlac

Patlac’s journey to the world of electronic music began at an early age. After taking the first curious steps as a dj he soon realized the emotional landscape of the dancefloor was a place of mutual listening and sharing…

But just playing records wasn’t enough for Patlac on the long run. The need to develop and create an own sound was inevitable. Their first EP on the hamburg imprint liebe*detail extended the collaboration even outside of the dj booth and gave the possibility to work as an individual producer as well. Until today Patlac has released singles on labels such as liebe*detail, Soulfooled and Endless.

Besides his own releases Patlac has earned respect as a remixer. His remixes for Endless, Pets Recordings, liebe*detail, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Akbal music and several others proved that he is a promising producer.

No matter if it’s one of his own creation or a remix: all of his work reflects his sensitive approach to music and the dancefloor. His empathy for place, time and people results in energetic sessions. They are not only driven by pushing rhythms and hypnotic grooves but also by a gentle sense for harmony and melody – as if each performance is a journey of its own.

1.Glitterbug – Far Far Light ( Estroe)
2.Dorisburg – Insvept
3.Love Over Entropy – Finisterre
4.Lazaros – Selene
5.Save! – The Light (Marc Pinol Remix)
6.Moscoman – Deluded Heart
7.Prins Thomas – Toransu
8.Reude Hagelstein – Footprints feat. C.A.R. ( the Drifter Remix)
9.Frankey & Sandrino – Hydrae
10.Clavis – Magogul’s Dub
11.Patlac – Random Walks
12.Lake People – You Take Another Place With You

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