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EG.619 Dave Stuart

I’m a simple person with simple pleasures, I DJ because I love electronic music and love sharing tracks from producers I absolutely adore to people on the dance floor…I live for those dark small rooms with hefty sound systems, I live for those moments when I put on a track that means something special to me then look into the crowd and see someone with their eyes closed and lost in that moment with the music……that to me is what DJing is about, and in part some of the reason I’ve also run events, touring and even a club.

The music I play is the music I love, pure & simple, I play from the heart…I strive to find the most beautiful deep melodic house & techno for my DJ sets, sometimes driving, sometimes deep & dubby and always not limiting myself to one style or genre. Within Sydney I have built a reputation of always playing on point and reading the crowd perfectly, this is shown in the journey I try to achieve in my DJ sets & podcasts.

As well as DJing, I am responsible for the music policy & international artist bookings at a weekly club night SOMETHING ELSE at the Burdekin in Sydney. Acts that have played for us have included; Vril (Delsin / Giegling) Patrice Scott (Sistrum), DJDEEP(DeeplyRooted/Fr),NormanNodge(OstgutTon),AnswerCodeRequest,NickHÖPPNER, Ø[Phase],Kölsch (Kompkt), Jerome Sydenham (Ibadam Records / US), Marcus Worgull (Innervisions), Jacob Korn (Uncanny Valley). I was also booker at the now closed One22 where we hosted; Alex Smoke, Dino Sabatini, Peter Van Hoesen, Efdemin (Dial/Berlin), Aril Brikha (Art of Vengence), Petter (Border Community), Kirk Degiorgio (UK), Gabriel Ananda (Treibstoff) to name a few.

Over the past years have regularly Dj’ed around Europe including gigs at; Tresor/Globus, Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Secktor – Dresden, Echogarden – Austria, MOXXOM Festival, Golden Gate, Chalet and underground hot spot Griessmuehle.

1. Chaostrail – Undermining (Lay Down The Groove)
2. Vinyl Speed Adjust – Phrase (Crystal Structures)
3. Nitin – Dubbed Out (Parallel 9 Version By Steve Rachmad)(No.19 Music)
4. Session Restore – Visus(Separate Skills Recordings)
5. BLD – Crawling (Stojche’s Linear Dub)(BLD Tape Recordings)
6. Miles Sagnia – Transmission (Applied Rhythmic Technology)
7. Sebastian Mullaert – Movement (Joey Anderson Remix)(Kontra-Musik)
8. Mor Elian – Drum Vortex (Hypercolour)
9. Hiver – Consequence (DeepLabs)
10. Dircsen – Encounter (Endless Illusion)
11. Dubiosity – Content Life (Planet Rhythm Records)
12. Och – First Contact Dreiklang (DREIKLANG)
13. Lauhaus – Dyson Sphere (OFF Recordings)

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